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School Uniforms: 

Our SR1 CPSA Vanguard Uniforms are tailored for comfort and designed to inspire joy in your child's school experience. Ready for learning and fun, each piece features the distinctive Vanguard Logo, marking your child as a Vanguard, a trailblazer "leading the way." 


[Explore SR1 CPSA Vanguard Uniforms](#link-to-French-Toast)



Spirit Wear:

Our SR1 CPSA Vanguard Spirit Wear collection embodies versatility and style, perfect for various activities. These custom-designed pieces are fashioned from premium fabrics, ensuring both durability and fashion. Explore our latest collection and wear your school spirit with pride. 


[Shop Now at the Online Store for Spirit Wear](#link-to-Online-Store)


Kindly note that our District Office offers a selection of official attire for you to view and try on, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your child. Learn more about how you can earn vouchers for official SR1 CPSA Vanguard Gear!

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