SR1 CPSA will provide a holistic, positive learning environment by delivering hands-on, STEM infused lessons to all students. In our classrooms, students will problem-solve, collaborate, create, test ideas, and build with teachers that facilitate problem based and student-centered learning. The learning environment will feature qualified teachers, standards driven curriculum and research-based instructional practices to ensure that the STEM infusion model is effectively incorporated within the core/non-core academic subjects. 

Equitable Technology for All

SR1 CPSA was formed under the mission of eliminating disparities in Technology.


SR1 CPSA believes that technology tools have no natural value. Rather, the value of educational technology value is judge by the way it is used to support and enhance instructional practices. 

SR1 CPSA will seek to use technology in: 

  • Helping student experience new learning content.

  • Helping students build and strengthen connections between background knowledge and new learning content. 

  • Helping students apply their content knowledge to create models that represent understanding and meaning.


We will use an overall framework that provides the highest level for innovation in education.  


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Grades 1-4

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Grades 4-5

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