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Our School

The SR1 College Preparatory and STEM Academy (CPSA) is a high-performing, innovative public charter school in Madison County, Mississippi. The school serves students in Kindergarten through 5th grade on a creative campus with both indoor and outdoor learning environments.

SR1 CPSA is a community where teachers are passionate about teaching young learners. Students have a strong desire to learn and achieve educational success. Students embrace the academic challenges and high-performing instruction.


Provost’s Welcome

SR1 College Preparatory and STEM Academy (CPSA) Charter School, located in rural Madison County (Canton, MS), is seeking an Elementary Principal who is an educational visionary with the skill set to modernize education and take on societal challenges to promote the highest level of college access and success.


The Elementary Principal will assist from start-up: planning, policy development, school design, hiring of staff, curriculum development, student recruitment, school culture and other critical start-up needs. SR1 CPSA will open for the 2023-2024 academic year, and the school will be the first STEM focused charter school in the State of Mississippi.


The SR1 CPSA’s mission is to prepare students for success in grade school, college, and beyond. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are all fields SR1 believes children will need to know in adulthood. STEM skills will be expected for the majority of people in tomorrow’s workforce.  SR1 believes the best time to teach STEM is when students are young because students are natural STEM learners based on curiosity and imagination. 

SR1 desires to make the region strong in STEM skills by taking on the educational challenge in Mississippi, a state that has faced generational inequalities. The SR1 CPSA team believes that Mississippi's students have the talent and potential to overcome challenges and build a strong, innovative, and successful future.

SR1 CPSA is committed to academic excellence for all students! Once these students reach college and beyond, the academic value will improve Mississippi’s workforce and economy.

Vision & Values

The Culture of SR1 College Preparatory and STEM Academy Public Charter

The SR1 CPSA Charter School Curriculum academic model is how and why we exist. It champions our unique culture of inquiry and intellect and relies upon our teachers’ passion for the subjects that they teach to inspire students. The culture-plus-curriculum building blocks underpin learning environments where a love of learning and personal responsibility matters. SR1 CPSA is a place where students come to class prepared to think actively, ask questions, seek answers, and be respectful.

What do our students learn to respect?

  • acquiring knowledge for its own sake, and not just means to an end

  • the scientific method

  • the power of asking questions

  • the satisfaction of finding answers

  • other people and diverse viewpoints

  • the importance of hard work

  • the power of a support system

  • the capabilities they have within


The SR1 CPSA Charter School Curriculum is a pathway for students to discover

  • A love of applied knowledge, invention, creative problem-solving

  • That asking questions and seeking help are fundamental to self-reliance 

  • Individual strengths that emerge as they rise to challenges

Above all, the SR1 CPSA Charter School Curriculum is designed to prepare students for more than academic success. It prepares people for a lifetime of dreaming and doing.

Faculty & Staff

Team work really does make the dream work. See our great team along with open team positions. If you would like to become a member of the SR1 CPSA email your resume and cover letter to

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Head of School

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Admissions Director

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1st Head Teacher

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