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SR1 CPSA Scholar

Remember SR1 CPSA is Public Charter School - meaning we have open enrollment if you are in qualified Mississippi School Districts. Then ask if your child has an high interest for learning and in being a future leader that will make the World better. 

SR1 CPSA mascot is the Vanguard. What does being a Vanguard mean?

Vanguard - a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas. Do you want begin today in leading the way? If so then fill out the interest form below or email us at

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Ready to Learn More?

Do you have an Interest is your child future with SR1 College Preparatory and Stem Academy. Students that will be K thru 1st during the 2022-2023 school year in the following school districts are eligible to apply for SR1 CPSA:

  • Canton Public School District

  • Hinds County School District

  • Holmes Consolidated School District

  • Jackson Public School District

  • Leake County School District

  • Yazoo City Municipal School District

  • Yazoo County School District

  • Student of School District that is “C” of below

Please fill out SR1 CPSA Vanguard enrollment interest if you think:

  • Being smart is cool and admired

  • School should be fun and challenging

  • Great student outcomes require great parent support 

  • Excellent student outcomes require excellent teachers

  • Student(s) will enjoy being part of diversity and culturally inclusive classroom. 

Enrollment Interest
Scholar(s) Grade 2023-24

Got it! Thanks! 

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